2021 Survey

Today I'm looking for inspiration and direction for the blog, so instead of writing an article, I decided I'd do a reader survey. After all, the last one I did was mid-2019, so it's about time.

This time it includes the option to ask me questions and/or ask me to opine on a specific topic. Provided I get enough interesting subjects I'll try to do a follow-up article where I answer all of them.

Finally, as a PSA, some (two) awesome people emailed me about bugs (subscription system and article lookup), those should now be fixed. I find this to be highly valuable, so if you find anything that you think might be an issue with the website, please do email me about it.

You can find the survey at: https://forms.gle/4Ty3h8jXuMd3mPNG9

Published on: 2021-05-03



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