2021 Survey

Now that I've got a wonderous vaccination certificate I can start traveling "for real" again (currently prancing around Greece and then headed to the baltic countries), this stroke of luck also came with the even greater boon of getting to move out of management and into a more research~y/design~y position. This puts me in a rather uplifted overall mood, but it also made me realize I don't want to write so much anymore.

This wouldn't be an issue, except for the fact that I also decided I want to write a small (scientific~y) fantasy book. This means that for the last 4(?) weeks I've not had time to write anything for the blog.

I've been able to uphold the 1 post/week schedule for almost a year now, which is longer than I'd have expected, but all things must come to an end. For the foreseeable future expect inconsistent and longer wait times between articles.

There are a few things I do want to write about:

I'm hoping those will be put in bits sometimes before winter.

If you usually read this blog, do take some time to take this survey.

Published on: 2021-05-03



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