What if OpenBCI was good

I think OpenBCI is an f-ing sham. I like the idea, but it's overpriced, uses tech from the 90s, and is basically utterly useless in a research setting because of the lack of channels and disregard for noise.

Even more annoyingly it's not modular nor scaleable, which makes no sense, why can't I stack 10x of them to get a bunch of channels if so desired?

And now they seem to be moving more towards things like EmotiBit, which is basically pop-science clickbait generation, stuff for people to make mid-tire TedX talks about.

I'm doing this preamble to say that I really, really, really want an actually good open-source EEG amp design + manufacturer on the market. The only guys doing anything decent seems to be the designer of FreeEEG32.

The project looked kinda dead when I discovered it, but recently he decided to actually launch a campaign on crowdsupply.

So if you have disposable income to throw at the thing, please do, here: https://www.crowdsupply.com/neuroidss/freeeeg32

I'm not paid by this guy, I don't know him, I literally just ordered one and think it's great and want the project to get off the ground.

I'm aware 99% of you are probably uninterested in this, but if there's any demographic that wants affordable high-quality EEG hardware I assume that readers of a blog about drugs, ML, programming and mental models overlap with it a lot.

Sorry if this feels a bit like spam for many of the people subing via either email or RSS, it's the first time I ever do this and might be the last, but I think this device is too awesome to stay silent about. For details on the actual design see the github repo

Published on: 2021-06-21



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