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Writing about obvious things

I've been headed in that direction for a while now.

When I first started blogging I was writing about kind-of-obvious things, that weren't being talked about much, and trying to put my own spin on them.

As I kept going I started writing about more niche things. Thinking that surely people have written about the obvious things, surely my perspective on something that obvious could not bring anything new.

Then I started talking more with people about the subject I wished to write about, and in the last 6 months, I realized most of the things about the world I hold as "obvious" are not at all obvious to most people.

This feels weird, but in hindsight, it's kind of obvious (pun not intended).

Even more so, I am still unable to act on a bunch of basic "rational" ideas despite having seemingly high certainty in them. So I think even a part of my brain needs to be reminded about obvious stuff, or hear it in a way that makes sense to it.

I'm not sure you dear reader will "feel" any change here.

I think I've been doing this in the last 2 articles already.

One issue might be that, since I'm writing about things that seem obvious to me, the level of evidence I provide will be insufficient.

Then again, the level of evidence I provide in general is insufficient.

Also, I will try to take the "obvious" things and dissect them, explain them, source them, from a position where they don't seem obvious. It might be difficult to find that position since there isn't some sort of agreed-upon starting point of epistemic or metaphysical doubt that yields very good conclusions.

I guess I might as well pick a starting point that allows me to limit the thing to a few thousand words.

As for what source I should provide, I'll try to position myself somewhere between a sub-par idealized scientist and a tenured Ivy League professor on track for a Nobel.

That is to say, I will try to never outright lie or manipulate data, and I will try to admit uncertainty in the places where I am uncertain which my core ideas hinge on.

I will make a lot of exceptions for the uncertainty bit. E.g. I do agree we are on shacky metaphysical ground for anything we express in concepts, but I won't say this after every paragraph. The same goes with a bunch of such caveats

Finally, since this ended up being a sort of "meta" post, if any of you knows a good radiologist that specializes in thymus MRIs, or someone who might know a good radiologist specializing in thymus MRIs. Please let me know, at this point I am quite desperate, I'd even be willing to throw in a finder's prize of your choosing. (desperate to progress in a research project, not a medical issue, so no worries)

Published on: 2021-11-15



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